Privacy Policy


This notice describes our privacy policy. It applies to the nonpublic personal information - called "Consumer Information" - of individuals who are our consumers or customers in connection with financial services primarily for personal, family, or household purpose, such as leases and installment purchases. Our privacy policy calls for physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect Consumer Information from unauthorized access, alteration and destruction as may be required by applicable federal and state law and regulations. Our policy covers both current and former customers and treats them the same. This notice also describes the privacy policy for our affiliated companies, except as stated in separate notices they give you. Consumers who transact financial services business with us through the Internet may also be covered by privacy policies that may be posted on the web sites they visit. Information obtained from those doing business with us without seeking financial services from us is not covered by this notice. We reserve the option of revising this notice and our privacy policy as we see fit any time, but we will give you notice of the revised policy where required by law. This notice is limited to describing our policy. It is not a contract, contract amendment, or complete list of legal obligations on the subject of privacy.


We collect and use information about you from various sources. The amount and kind of information varies with each transaction, but can come from any of the following types:


Except as noted below, we reserve the right to disclose to our affiliated companies all of the information we collect about you. Our affiliated companies may now or in the future include financial institutions (such as leasing companies, insurance companies and retailers who finance or lease goods), nonfinancial companies such as repair facilities and data processing companies and other organizations (such as non profit organizations). We observe applicable laws that limit sharing of certain kinds of information with our affiliates. For example, unless you authorize it, we do not disclose creditworthiness information about you from credit reports for marketing purposes.


We do not share information with nonaffiliated third parties, other than described below under "Sharing for Legal and General Business Reasons and Joint Marketing."


We may disclose all five types of Consumer Information as permitted by law. For example, this may include disclosure in connection with a subpoena or legal proceedings, a fraud investigation, recording motor vehicle registration and other documents in public records, an audit or examination, or the sale of your account to another financial institution. Other examples would include sharing Consumer Information from nonaffiliated third parties to effect, administer, or enforce the transactions you requested, or where we have your consent such as when you have requested to be contacted by other companies we work with. We also may share Consumer Information with credit bureaus and similar organizations.

Subject to laws that limit the sharing of certain kinds of information, we also reserve the right to share all five types of Consumer Information with companies who perform services or functions on our behalf, including marketing services, and with financial institutions having joint marketing agreements with us. Companies who perform services or functions on our behalf can include financial institutions (such as banks, finance companies, insurance companies and payment processing companies), nonfinancial companies (such as automobile manufacturers and data processing companies, and other organizations (such as nonprofit organizations). Unless otherwise permitted by law, our policy provides for these companies and financial institutions to be contractually obligated to keep the information that we provide to them confidential and to use it only to perform the services, functions, or joint marketing that we request.

Please keep this notice for future reference and keep it separate from privacy notices issued by other organizations.